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Our challenges are as varied as the industries we work for. Flexibility and understanding for your individual requirements are our service which we provide with an intensive consulting. Whether you need to turn vehicle parts, stack boxes or empty vessels – we solve every task.


Gain an overview on the basis of many application examples and challenge us.

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Pick Up Jigs

Manipulators in the automotiv industry


Zeilhofer Handhabungstechnik supports and optimizes also in the automobile industry work flow. Here are numerous examples of several capabilities available.

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Applications for Window and Door Manifacturing


To handle glass elements the handling systems by Zeilhofer Handhabungstechnik constitute in combination with an analogical sucking pick up jig an ideal tool – it does not matter if you use it for glazing, moving or stacking. Here you find some applications.

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Use for handling reels


Now with the help of the handling system by Zeilhofer Handhabungstechnik moving or stacking of heavy and bulky bobbins especially in the packing and paper industry turns into an easy job. Here you find some examples.

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Applications for Cheese Manufacturing


Zeilhofer Handhabungstechnik provides based on the manipulators working tools for ergonomic designed work stations also in the food industry. You see examples with cheese here.

Applications in the foundry sector


The handling systems by Zeilhofer Handhabungstechnik are optimally suited for use in foundries because they do not only release the worker, but also optimize work flow processes. Applications are here available.

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Applications for Mechanical  Components


It doesn't matter which size, diameter or shape your mechanical component has, Zeilhofer Handhabungstechnik tailors the optimal solution with suitable gripping units for clamping those. Thereby we emphasize the simple handling of our handling device. Here you can see some applications like the handling of E-motors.

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Applications for handling of container


The handling devices and manipulators by Zeilhofer Handhabungstechnik are a big help in the case of emtying and move bins and barrels. Adjoining some applications are illustrated.

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Special Applications


The handling systems by Zeilhofer Handhabungstechnik are used in any number of industries in a numerous variety. We provide several applications here.

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Special Gadgetry


Zeilhofer Handhabungstechnik constructs devices tailored for your special requirements. Assure yourself with the help of the examples.

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