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Handling device is not alike handling device. We support you from A to Z because service during the whole life stage of the manipulator is for us also a priority as the optimal execution customized tailored. So not only the consultation round our manipulators and the use in the workplace are important factors, but also ergonomics, occupational safety and quality.

Our Service


You are looking for innovative ideas to handle loads or automate production processes? Then we are the perfect partner!


It doesn‘t matter which challenge you give to us, we work on customized and economic solutions, that are tailored for your individual requirements.


We support you through all project phases due to our program mix:


  • Consulting and Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Pre-inspection in our factory
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training for operating personnel
  • Maintenance

Easy to handle by ergonomics


The human hand is optimal for sensitive, delicate handling and installation tasks. Though, it would be very useful, if hand moves would flow directly in a steering mechanism, so that the moves off the reel enter synchronous into the load handling device.  With that in mind our team developed new, patented, pneumatically based steerage and built a fitting, ergonomically designed operating panel. The development led to a handling device which carries out sensitive and safe handling processes and is applicable very flexible.

Design of mobile workstations


A manipulator is not only suitable for lifting loads but also provides with a corresponding device an adequate tool in the design of mobile workstations. Each resource that applies to a particular workplace, accompanies the worker prepared at the device of the manipulator to the site of operation. Thus an efficient work flow is ensured by saving the operators travel and therefore time. Hence, an increase in the number of cycles is possible.

In the left image, there is a fixture with automatic height adjustment and clamping technology - mobile tool carrier for cabinet and tank systems technology.

Safety by design according to machine guidelines


The design of the manipulator is in accordance with the respective regulations of the in attachment I to the guideline established basically safety and health requirements due to EG machine directive 2006/42/EG. Those become concretize by the harmonized European norms EN ISO 12100.


The risk assessment is in accordance to EN ISO 12100 (safety of machines – risk assessment – part 1: guidelines)


The CE-sign has to be placed at the manipulator visible, readable and permanent. The CE-sign pronounces beside the in attachment I of the machine directive 2006/42/EG section 1.7.3 (expanded with section 4.4) demanded information like serial number and air supplying device, the maximum lifting capacity as well as the weight of the manipulator.


The declaration of conformity and the operating instructions will be submitted at commissioning.


The operation manual describes the intended use of the manipulator, advises if necessary improper use of the manipulator and contains according to the attachment I of the machine directive 2006/42/EG in section 1.7.4 (expanded with section 4.4) the required details over the total maintenance history of the manipulator from the installation to the use until the debugging and as well as the information about the airborne noise of the manipulator.


Equipment regulations will be considered.

Our Quality


German engineering stands worldwide for quality, which is also for you – with us as partner – secured.


As part of the TÜV certification ISO 9001:2008, we insist on a regular basis the quality audits around the necessary processes in our company.


Another quality feature displays the manufacture of our manipulators with precise welding thanks to the use of an appropriate robot.


Our service technicians are subject-specific trained and offer you a fast and high-quality on-site service.

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